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I had bus tickets for Bhopal to Pune for friday 9th September 2016 but somehow  I managed to miss it , the next available bus was on 10th around 4 PM , When I bought Himalayan my father asked my not to come to Bhopal on bike , doing that he planted the Idea in my brain to Ride to Bhopal one day .  When I missed my bus I thought  I'll ride to Bhopal the issue was , Bhopal to Pune is more than 850+ kms , ad I had never ever drove or rode on that road , although I knew that roads are good. So I finally made up my mind to ride to Bhopal and I'll start at 4 AM in the morning. 

Out of nervousness i was not able to sleep properly and was getting  up from the bed in every few minutes , I finally went to sleep around 03:30 and wake up around 7am and left Pune around 07:30 .

After Riding for about an hour I reached near Ahmednagar(around 120kms)  and I took small break to drink water, and continued riding . 

One suggestion for fellow riders planning to go on this route  Do not take Ahmednagar bypass , its in pathetic condition, it could be a nice offroad practice track but the number of trucks on that part will give you pain.   

I took my next break at Dhule after for riding nonstop for almost  3-4 hours (250kms approx) .  I actually stopped to capture the snap at  Maharashtra-MP border . And Himalayan played a vital  role in it . I gave me no trouble while riding even my bums were happy after riding for almost 6-7 hours. I was not tired and was quite happy with the bike performance on, I actually didn't cared for potholes or rough patches on the road.

 I was in kind of hurry to cross Indore  in sunlight because after that Indore Bhopal patch I had traveled a hindered times . Again I took a short water break around a 100kms before  Indore.  

 If you are going on this route not Stopping at  Pappu da Dhaba near Sonkatch (between Bhopal andIndore) for Pohe will be a crime.   I stopped at Pappu's had Chai and Pohe and Then continued for Bhopal  it was around 06:30 and I was around 100kms from Bhopal . Now the endurance test begins , so I took a long break at Pappus this was the firt time I was taking a proper break  or anything to eat from the morning, I was so overwhelmed by the bike performance I didnot feel tired .  but when the sunlite goes down the real challenge comes in front of you The Highbeams my helmet was already covered with dust till this time and the high beams were becoming pain with the dirty helmet visor . So I stopped and washed the helmet visor and then continued.  Finally it was around 7:30 when I touched Bhopal . I stopped near VIP road for around 30 minutes sat there and enjoyed Coldrink . And Finally Knocked door of my home at around 8-8:30 . I had told my parent that I have missed my bus and as next bus was on Saturday they were expecting me on Sunday . When I knocked my mom was shocked but she couldn't imagined that I have rode to Bhopal , after a few second my dad comes and saw me in my gears and helmet and he was on real shock . Anyways they are supportive as well afraid of my Biking passion . They just dont ask me to ride sol due to saftey concerns .

The return trip was much more fun as I had already saluted the road once so did a little fun while return trip. I'll be sharing that story soon .

Till then Ride Safe 


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